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Newly Launched Seafood Marketplace Platform Dok to Door Seeking Vendors

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CHARLESTON – As a rising newcomer in the seafood e-commerce industry, Dok to Door is looking to make a significant impact through its active recruitment of new vendors. The platform is eager to work with seafood markets and fisheries that are currently searching for new ways to sell and distribute their products in this new economic climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The severe negative impact that COVID-19 has had on the fishermen and seafood markets has been disheartening. Many seafood vendors have been forced to search for new ways to maintain their livelihood. Dok to Door is a prime solution for any seafood market or fishery that is attempting to make a major rebound during the pandemic. The Dok to Door platform, allows vendors with no prior e-commerce experience to sign up and immediately begin selling seafood products. There is no upfront cost to join.

“We wanted to help seafood markets and fisherman with an online platform that is simple and easy to use,” said an official Dok to Door representative. “Many of these companies have and still are feeling the effects of the ongoing health crisis and many of them are struggling to find seafood stores and restaurants that are in need of their products. Dok to Door changes that by allowing these vendors to engage the consumers with ease.”

Dok to Door is committed to serving fresh seafood to its customers by providing the finest quality of seafood in every order, which results in both a better product experience for the customer, as well as a trustworthy distribution experience for the vendor.

Per a Dok to Door representative, “The Dok to Door team wants to make this transition to the consumer market as easy as possible for these companies. We are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that each vendor views their partnership with Dok to Door as one that is mutually beneficial.”

For prospective vendors that are new to the e-commerce space, Dok to Door is willing to assist with the marketplace setup process. If necessary, the team can create marketplaces for a small fee and provide a walk-through that will demonstrate how the platform may be used and managed.

Vendors interested in creating their own seafood marketplace on Dok to Door can click here to join a weekly tutorial to learn more about how to start selling.

About Dok to Door

Dok to Door is an online seafood marketplace that prioritizes quality and readiness . Our seafood is sourced from trusted, small business vendors located across multiple locations in the United States. With the Dok to Door platform, vendors have the ability to sell and distribute their quality products in a quick and efficient manner providing customers with high-grade seafood shipped to them overnight or local pickup without having any concerns about product quality.

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