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How To Buy Oysters – Types of Oysters

Oysters are a wholesome food, and indeed one of the highest delicacies worldwide. They contain many nutritional elements, making them one of the most digestive seafood available. Oysters provide inexplicable pleasure. When you eat oysters, you feel happy, lightweight, and satisfied.

It’s crucial to understand that depending on where oysters are found, they taste different. In the United States, oysters grow in Washington, California, Alabama, New Jersey, and Maine.

Types Of Oysters

Belon Oysters

The Belon Oysters, known as the European Flat Oysters, originated from Europe. In the 1950s, they tried to cultivate this type in North America. It didn’t provide any results but, now these oysters multiply along with the Maine coast.

These types of oysters have flat shells and round shapes. They have a sweet flavor as their meat is brown and creamy.

Olympia Oysters

Olympia Oysters originate from the Pacific coast of North America. They’re considered to be the only native oyster type from the USA. This type of oyster is also known as Native Oyster, California Oyster, and Rock Oyster.

The Olympia oysters are widely used as cocktail oysters worldwide due to their small size. Even though they’re small, they’re packed in flavor and have a creamy texture with a strong taste of copper and sweet celery.

Pacific Oysters

Pacific Oysters or Japanese oysters are one of the most known types of oysters around the world.

You can quickly identify them since they have a grey-blue shell with a purple interior. One of their main characteristics is that they grow fast, and there are different varieties with contrasting flavors and aromas. The Pacific Oysters are sweeter than the Atlantic Oysters; their flavor is creamy and salty.

One of the most known Pacific Oysters is Acadia SeaFarms Cocktails, with a mild and sweet taste. They’re the perfect choice to boost your food or eat them raw.

Eastern Oysters

Eastern Oysters are known as Atlantic Oysters; you can find them in abundance along the North American Atlantic Coast. Their most notable species are Wellfleet oyster and Virginia oyster.

They’re large and have a crumbly texture. The Eastern oyster flavor is metallic and slightly salty.

Elder Point Oysters

The Elder Point Oysters are cultivated in the Delaware Bay, and they have a deep cup and regular shell shape. This type of oysters is well known for its perfect balance of sweetness as its meat is smooth and plump.

Eros Oysters

The Eros Oyster originated in Robinhood Cove in Maine, and they’re available all year-round. This type of oyster has a sweet finish as it grows near a saltwater marsh. Their flavor is complicated due to the combination of saltwater and freshwater.

Stormy Bay Oysters

The Stormy Bay Oysters are grown in the Delaware Bay. They have the perfect balance between sweetness and salt. This type of oysters has a 3-inch shell making them ideal for eating raw or cooked presentations.

Bottom Line

You can buy oysters raw, frozen, and canned. It is vital to purchase oysters only from reputable fish markets. Live oysters feel heavy as they are full of water. Always discard dead oysters and those with broken shells.

It’s crucial to remove the shells for canned oysters. Please note that shelled oysters should be pasteurized and canned or frozen before the sale.

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