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Cape May Salty Oyster Farms Joins Dok to Door

Cape May Salty Oyster Farms Joins Dok to Door Online Seafood Delivery Service

eCommerce seafood delivery business partners with Cape May Salty Oyster Farms to increase their online direct to consumer sales.

Port Morris Jersey– Cape May Salty Oyster Farms announced that it has joined the online seafood marketplace to increase their online sales offering them another avenue to sell directly to the consumers through the platform. Dok to Door is eager to work with seafood markets and fisheries that are currently searching for new ways to sell and distribute their products in this new economic climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

By offering a new another online sales channel to their existing online store Cape May will take advantage of partnering with Dok to Door to sell to a national audience.  By providing free shipping on all their oyster products consumers will be able to purchase knowing they won’t be paying absorbent amount in shipping

“When considering Dok to Door as another channel for distribution we decided our partnership would be a great asset to Cape May that wouldn’t impede our own direct sales but increase the delivery for oyster lovers around the US to enjoy a taste of Cape May oysters” said Jay Rutkowski media director.  “The process of setting up our store was seamless, Dok to Door did a great job in getting our store up and running in a matter of days so we could start selling right away.”

Per a Dok to Door representative, “The Dok to Door team is excited to add such a trusted seafood provider that will offer our customers another quality seafood product.”

About Dok to Door

Dok to Door is an online seafood marketplace that prioritizes quality and quickness. Our seafood is sourced from trusted, small business vendors located across multiple locations in the United States. With the Dok to Door platform, seafood fishermen have the ability to sell and distribute their seafood in a quick and efficient manner, and customers can enjoy having high-grade seafood shipped to them overnight or local pickup without having any concerns about product quality.

About Cape May Salty Oysters Farm

Since planting our first crop of oysters on Cape May’s rolling tidal flats in 1997, we’ve remained dedicated to producing a wholesome, sustainably cultivated premium oyster that showcases the beauty of Delaware Bay. While we strive to produce the highest quality products on the market, doing so sustainability and in a responsible manner lie at the core of our fundamentals. Constantly learning from Mother Nature and incorporating innovative shellfish growing techniques, we operate two oyster farms in New Jersey’s Delaware Bay. Ask for our oysters by name at your favorite oyster bar,or inquire about them and have them shipped directly to your door.

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